Raw plant-based restaurant The Plant Gallery opened in Bondi Beach last week, with a mission to make ‘Healthy eating an art form’.

In keeping with the Bondi’s mantra of health and wellbeing, co-founders David Ortega and Juan Carlos chose the spot to make raw vegan cuisine accessible to everyone.

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A culinary genius, who has worked in kitchens around the world, Chef Juan Carlos is the creative mastermind behind the kitchen. Pairing his Peruvian heritage with his unparalleled knowledge and personal love of raw veganism, he creates dishes that are not only incredibly rich in nutrients, but also look amazing and taste sublime; a work of art on one’s plate.

Big Breakfast

The Plant Gallery instils a living food philosophy, advocating plant-based foods in their original, un-processed state including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. When prepared in a special dehydrator at less than 48°C, they retain vital life force nutrients and living enzymes required to digest food, repair cellular damage and assist in healthy cell renewal.

As part of The Plant Gallery’s revolutionary cuisine concept, they embrace a holistic philosophy by using local and organic produce, while also focusing on a zero waste policy and a carbon neutral ethos. 

Check it out.


What: The Plant Gallery

Where: 95 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach





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