Australia’s beloved frozen yogurt and açaí brand, Yo-Chi, is once again spreading the love with its Tribute Tuesdays! This fantastic initiative is all about giving back to the local community by treating its most valued members to some delicious, free Chi.

Mark your calendars for June 18th, because the next Tribute Tuesday is all about celebrating our amazing vet and animal rescue workers. These everyday heroes, who dedicate their lives to caring for our furry friends, are invited to swing by their nearest Yo-Chi venue and enjoy a complimentary Yo-Chi as a heartfelt thank you for their incredible contributions to the community.

Whether you’re a vet saving lives in the clinic or a rescue worker finding forever homes for pets, Yo-Chi wants to honor your hard work and dedication. So, gear up for a sweet treat and some well-deserved recognition. Head to Yo-Chi next Tuesday, indulge in your favorite fro-yo or açaí bowl, and bask in the appreciation!

Yo-Chi’s Tribute Tuesdays are a delightful way to show gratitude and bring a little joy to those who make a big difference. Don’t miss out on this tasty opportunity to celebrate our local heroes with a scoop of goodness!

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