Winter can wreak havoc on our whole being from the inside out. The days are darker and colder – making it harder to get motivated and keep the winter nasties at bay. Here are our top tips for keeping your immune system thriving throughout the cooler months.

Sleep Is King

According to top Sydney Naturopath Ema Taylor from Nimbus & Co. Bondi, making sure you get enough sleep is vital. “8 hours is optimum. Sleep strengthens our immune system, it’s also the best time for healing and recovery.” 

You may be doing the time, but quality sleep is really important, as we have various micro-waking stages. The Fitbit Versa tracks your snooze time to gain insights on how well you’re sleeping, so you can create your ideal slumber schedule. It deciphers your sleep cycle by pin-pointing your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages to help you get your best ZZZ’s.

Stay Hydrated

Water is under-rated. ‘Staying hydrated will ensure you’re flushing out toxins while encouraging the transport of oxygen to our cells, strengthening the immune system’, Taylor explains. It can be hard to take in the recommended three litres when it’s cold and gloomy. If you’re craving something warm and toasty to cosy up to, nourishing tonics and comfort drinks are your go to. “A great immune boosting tonic you can make at home is 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 cube grated ginger, squeeze of 1/4 lemon, sprinkle of cayenne pepper and 1/4 tsp manuka honey mixed in hot water,” recommends Taylor. Or treat YOself without the guilt, Ceremony Cacao is the most delicious and nutritious drink that warms the body and soothes the soul with its rich antioxidant properties. The decadent drink is crafted in small batches, using the highest quality organic ingredients including enzyme rich Peruvian Cacao.

Taste The Rainbow

Taylor recommends “eating colourful whole foods, lots of veggies and fruit for another antioxidant and vitamin boost.”

Get down to the Bondi Beach farmers markets on a Saturday and enjoy the array of colourful organic fruit and veg. Bring your best sustainable shopping tote and do your grocery shop for the week. Why not make a day out of it? Feast on some of the famed Fritter House corn fritters, whilst chilling out to performances by local and up-and-coming artists.

Keep Active

Always harder to abide by in winter. Getting up in the dark, early hours and wriggling out from the snug doona can be unappealing to most. Start with simple steps to ensure you’re moving regularly. With the Fitbit Versa, staying active is fun. It gently vibrates with reminders to make sure you move each hour and get your recommended 10,000 steps a day. You receive on-screen celebrations when you meet your goals, keeping you motivated and encouraging you to get out for a walk each day.

Yoga is amazing for so many reasons, and can be super strengthening and toning too. Power living Bondi Junction offers phenomenal classes that include a strong workout whilst your mind relaxes and your body stretches in the 32 degree heated classes – heaven-sent in the cold winter months! You’ll finish with meditation, leaving you spiritually uplifted and with a sense of mental clarity. Make sure you get a good yoga mat, as this makes all the difference to your practice. Lululemon’s signature Reversible Yoga Mat creates the perfect grip for your downward dog and its natural rubber base gives the perfect level of cushioning. It also has an Antimicrobial Additive to prevent bacteria, mold, and fungi – which is gold in these sweaty sessions!

Sweat It Out

Infra-red saunas come with a host of benefits. Nimbus & Co. is THE place to go, with state-of-the-art saunas and Su’s team providing a warm, tranquil space to chill. Proven to be more detoxifying, Infrared removes up to 20% of toxins vs 3% in a traditional sauna. The air is a lot drier, making it much more comfortable than a traditional sauna too. It’s easier to breathe and you don’t come out dripping wet. Plus you can watch Netflix or listen to your favourite Spotify playlist in your private and toasty booth, how good?! Great for Detoxification, weight loss and anti-ageing – sweating improves blood circulation as well as skin. It’s also super immune boosting, with the increase in body temperature helping to fight off bacteria and viruses. Another bonus is its de-stressing properties, encouraging relaxation and better sleep. Treat yourself to a weekly session for an overall glow!

Take Your Vitamins

“A good immune multi is Bioceuticals ArmaForce*,” recommends TaylorThis has been dubbed the stuff of natural miracles by many in Sydney’s corporate and social circles. The immune boosting concoction contains a blend of powerful herbs and nutrients including Andrographis and Olive Leaf, targeting colds and mild upper respiratory tract infections to decrease their duration. 2-4 a day when you’re under the weather and you’re on your way!

*Consult your healthcare practitioner to find what supplement is right for you. Always read the label and use only as directed.

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