Yesterday was very busy, so I am offering you the quick recap, with more detailed posts to come later.

Michael Lo Sordo opened day three yesterday, and was all anybody could talk about. Sugar sweet pastel palette and pretty pleating were the highlights of the show, quickly followed by one shouldered Grecian dresses in periwinkle blue and strapless gowns in the purest of whites.

Then came Ginger & Smart, which I detailed in a post yesterday – who drew on the Australian landscape for their very wearable collection..

Haryono Setiadi was up next. I was fortunate enough to be seated next to Simon P Lock – the founder of fashion week Australia and the Author of ‘In the Front Row’ – he gave me some insights and was particularly loving Setiadi’s unique fabrication that he paints himself.



One Fell Swoop was a mirage of artfully draped silks that looked so so so effortless and comfortable.


Maticevski really knocked it out of the park. I think he has improved over his stunning collection from last year. His highly anticipated show was a futuristic seascape and displayed exquisitely structured dresses in shades of dove grey, sea-glass green and gold. Shoulders were left bare and metallic arm cuffs complemented each look.


Jayson Brunsdon loves a good theme, last year was Rio, and this year was ‘a rose is just a rose”. The runway was a rose garden, and the finale was raining rose petals. Brunsdon kept his signature metallic brocade, but also stepped out into menswear this year – with ultra cool shirts with subtle lace detailing that is masculine, but that I would also totally steal from my boyfriend.



Lee Mathews was also a stand out – she had an unprecedented attendance of high up fashion editors and celebs. Mathews has been around for years, and I think the prospect of a show was exciting for everyone. She did not disappoint – the collection was extremely wearable and ultra chic. The definition of a classy lady.

Phoenix Keating the wild child featured many textures and greens that reminded me of emo tropical fishes. In other words it was cool.

Alice McCall is a queen and deserves her own full length post, which will come later today. But just know – she took me into her dreams and I dont ever want to wake up. Ever.


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