The 20th anniversary of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week officially launched earlier tonight with Ellery, celebrities and a bit of an unexpected surprise.

This is my second year covering fashion week full time, and I am so excited. After a glass of champagne and canapés (omg that shredded duck in vine leaf though…) we headed to the outdoor runway to see the opening show: Ellery.

There was naturally a star studded front row (including myself, wink) – Jessica Mauboy, designer Carla Zampatti, Alex Perry, model Bambi Northwood-Blyth and public relations mogul Roxy Jacenko and her instagram famous toddler daughter Pixie Curtis enjoyed the show.

Pixie was spotted picking up the silver confetti after the show and putting it in her Mum’s clutch – She is a trendsetter, so perhaps I should get confetti for my purse for this season?

The show itself began with a performance from the Australian Ballet Company, dancing among plumes of smoke. Then came the models sporting a largely monochrome collection (a few items of colour, metallic or sparkles here and there) and it stuck to Kym Ellery’s traditional style – mixing structure with flowery cuts, and many many pairs of flared pants. She does have a flair for flare.

Gemma Ward walked in the show, returning from her ten year hiatus following the death of Heath Ledger, and more recently, the arrival of her first child, who she credits with helping her overcome depression.

There was one slight mishap at the end of the show, as Kym Ellery walked her way to the end of the runway to take her applause, a disgruntled neighbour walked past security and the media pit onto the runway to make a very public noise complaint. It is never truly a fashion show without some element of protest, whether it is from PETA ant fur fighters, or an angry local who just wants to get an early night.

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