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For those of us (like myself) who know of The Beatles but their knowledge extends only to what your parents blared on the radio in the car when you were a kid- and the trademark teenager haircut everyone seems to go through in High School- this is a film that I would highly recommend.

On the flipside, diehard Beatles fans are renowned for knowing their stuff, and for those in the category this film will still bring a smile to your face as it runs through the classics of the early years of the Beatles.

image003What I liked:

One of the genuinely nice things about this film is that it evokes a profound sense of nostalgia for the true Beatles fan that comes together nicely from the compilation work done by the ever popular Ron Howard.

The level of work that has been put into finding the footage must have been exhausting as the depth of content from shows in Liverpool and Manchester, and the finale scene from Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium is nothing short of incredible and, without giving too much away, true blue fan or first time listener, make sure you don’t leave for the loo in the last 25 minutes of the film.

The commentary is also something that adds another dimension with insights from Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon & George Harrison throughout. Perhaps the greatest misconception of the Beatles, is that they were an overnight success, a myth this film somewhat dispels by looking through the volume of gigs and work that was put into their early years.

There are a whole host of cameos from stars that you might recognise, including Sigourney Weaver and Whoopi Goldberg!

What People May Not Like:

In all honesty this film has very few negatives, perhaps too much of art-theatre or documentary film to suit all tastes but outside of this I can’t find fault with the film. The content has all been released by the estates of the Beatles crew so it is potentially a little on the peachy side; no dirt or wild revelations that some may also be looking for.

The only other reason I can think you MIGHT not love Eight Days a Week includes; if you are a hater of their music. You would be hard pressed to get much sympathy if you turned up to watch a band that you don’t like!?!

For me – this film gets a very highly recommended 9/10. Go see, and pick up a slice of musical history.

WHAT: The Beatles: Eight Days A Week -The Touring Years

WHERE: Cinemas nationwide

WHEN: Out now!


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