The infant stage is full of so many incredible feats and surprises, from seeing your bub developing their personalities to having a host of fun with your little best friends. This special time is truly unique and calls for these helpful heroes.

Philips Avent 4-In-1 Steamer Blender, RRP $299

This nifty gadget is an absolute saviour when starting bub on solids. Steaming is one of the healthiest ways of cooking, preserving vital nutrients whilst creating the perfect texture for your baby’s first foods. The unique technology of this benchtop bestie lets the steam circulate upwards from the bottom, making sure all the ingredients are evenly cooked without boiling. The goodness, texture and cooking liquids are also retained for blending.

You’ll find everything you need to make nutritious baby food in one single jar. Once your ingredients are steamed, all you have to do is lift the jar, flip it over and lock it in place, so you can blend to your desired consistency. From very finely blended fruit and vegetables to combining ingredients of meat, fish and pulses and finally offering chunkier textures as their chompers come through. You can serve the food immediately or store it in the handy container that’s included, and reheat it later with the easy-to-use reheating or defrosting functions.

The best thing is that it also saves you precious time and allows you to plan ahead. The jar has a 1000ml capacity, so you can cook up to four meals at one time and store them in the freezer – your future self will thank you.

Some of the other accessories from Avent that make infant life easier include the Avent Baby Bottle Steriliser & Dryer, Avent Fast Bottle Warmer as well as a host of other helpful accessories such as the wide range of pacifiers to soothe teething bubs.

Charli Chair 2-in-1 Baby Bath Chair, RRP $189.95

An amazing contraption that makes bathing bub a breeze. This 2-in-1 shower chair lets you put bub in the shower with you and eliminates the everyday struggles of kneeling and bending over a bathtub. It also has the added bath option for parents who prefer their babies submerged in water whilst still remaining in the upright position. Its sleek lightweight design allows you to manoeuvre the chair effortlessly, with a multi-position recline.

The CharliChair also allows you the convenience of a three-level height adjustment to save your back and the multi-position recline for your baby so they feel completely comfy too. With the CharliChair, your child will grow loving the shower, rather than loathing it as they will be used to it from their early days. This incredible innovation is great for conveniently bathing together after swimming lessons, just pop bub in the chair whilst you have a shower. Steaming bub to clear runny noses, congestion and chesty coughs in winter has never been easier either thanks to this clever chair.

Suitable from newborn up to 17kg and completing all Australian safety standards, it’s a first of its kind and you can rest assured with its nonslip seat surface, rubber feet and a 5 point adjustable safety harness to keep bub secure at all times. Add a shower cushion (available in 4 fresh colours) for the ultimate shower experience for bub.

Little Tikes Activity Garden $119

Infants are a tough crowd when it comes to entertainment, and at this stage they need to be constantly stimulated. This fun developmental toy is perfect for encouraging kids to be active and to enjoy independent play as well being perfect for playing together as a family.

This infant Activity Garden develops motor skills and cognitive ability using stimulating colours, shapes and textures. It can be configured in different ways to keep it exciting and evolves with your bub as they grow. Its nifty removable panel means that your child can play with it on the go.

It also easily converts from a closed play centre to an open, two-sided play centre without the need for any tools or complicated assembly. Highlights include a ball drop, a mailbox shape sorter as well as a movable, look-through telescope just to name a few. It also allows bubs to crawl through the archway, with shutters that open and close for the perfect peek-a-boos.

A working door with a Tap-a-Tune piano sits on top of it and its two-sided take-along play panel includes a spinning ball toy, mirror for babies to look at themselves, movable, clicking, colourful bugs, a clicking caterpillar and a spinning butterfly with numbers 1-4. Bub can also press a button to hear bird sounds. There are truly hours of fun to be had with this terrific toy.

Play Studio Bondi Junction, classes from $27

These fun and interactive play classes are semi-structured and perfect for infants from 6-16 Months. Here, your baby will experience the joy of sensory exploration in a play-based and social environment with amazing educators that guide bub with singing, activities and reading.

These sessions include a little guided music and movement led by our educators followed by lots of messy fun and exploration with exciting experiences including water play, bubbles, sensory bags and so much more. Each session is different, with unique toys and activities to be found at every corner of the studio. This is the perfect activity to meet up with your mamma mates, and something you’ll look forward to just as much as bub. Don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes, as these sessions can get messy, in the best way possible!

This is a really welcome way to break up your routine and socialise with other mums. And importantly, it allows your baby to try new things, learn new skills, play with different toys and socialise with other bubs – there really are no better and more fun developmental classes for infants.

Only Organic Baby Food, from $2.15

This is the best baby food brand, hands down! Using only the finest organic ingredients without any preservatives, sugars or salts, you won’t believe how much bub will love these. Every meal and age group, from the moment they start solids is covered from 4 months, all the way through to Kindy 1-5 years. Think brekkies, finger foods and snacks for your growing baby, toddler and child.

Favourites include Berry and Banana Yoghurt Brekkie, trough to convenient on-the-go Spring Lamb and veggies which you don’t even need to heat. Just pop open the pouch and squeeze onto the spoon and your bub will love them, guaranteed. Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken Vege and Star Pasta also feature among many other delicious varieties that come in perfectly portioned heat-and-eat pouches that are a crowd pleaser, even for the fussiest bub.

Always have these on hand when cooking bub new foods, just in case they don’t take to your concoctions, as they will certainly be into these fail-proof superfoods. These really are the perfect partner for starting solids.

family-owned for over 20 years, Only Organic work with the best growers to use real ingredients, grown on certified organic farms to truly make the best quality baby food for your precious bubba.

Bubba Blue Bamboo Range, from $14.95

Spoil baby with this luxurious Bamboo nursery range that is as comfortable, as it is practical. Bamboo is breathable, silky soft and perfect for use all year round as it’s highly resistant to dust mites, soft as silk, naturally breathable, thermo regulating, as well as being great for keeping bub cool in summer and warm in winter.

This award-winning bamboo baby bedding collection is super soft, durable, easy to care for and well-priced for its premium quality so you know you’re always getting the best for your baby.
The vast range includes sheet sets, blankets, towels as well as other mix and match items in an array of minimal whites and stylish patterns for every nursery.

Weleda Baby Teething Powder, $23.95

This incredible homoeopathic Baby Teething Powder helps relieve the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children in the most natural way. Traditionally used as an anthroposophic and homoeopathic medicine, it relieves and comforts bub instantly and is so easy to use. Rub it straight onto your baby’s gums for instant relief or mix it with breast milk or formula and freeze it in a fresh food feeder for an extra soothing sensation. This needs to be an absolute staple in your infant toolkit and is a fantastic alternative to synthetic pain relief for babies.

You’ll also love the Children’s Tooth Gel in the range. This tasty non-fluoride toothpaste creates good toothcare habits for your child and is made especially for first teeth.

QV Baby Range, from $10.99

Eczema can be common in babies and the QV Baby range of gentle hydrating cleansers, moisturisers and barrier creams is specially developed for babies’ delicate skin and aids in preventing and soothing this condition in infants. Recommended by paediatricians, this fantastic range is free from colour, fragrance and other common irritants, helping to keep your bub’s skin happy and feeling healthy.

You’ll never need to worry about your bub’s beautiful skin being irritated, with the full collection including Moisturising Cream, Skin Lotion, Barrier Cream, 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Gentle Wash and Bath Oil – so every aspect of your infant’s skincare routine is covered.

Baby Bum Suncare, from $19.99

The cutest, most convenient suncare range for bubs. This collection is super gentle and uses the best ingredients for delicate and sensitive skin — no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens or phthalates. From roll-on to sprays and face sticks for babies with the highest protection, this needs to be a staple in every baby bag and pram.


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