I’ll say it once, I’ll say it a thousand times: “Self care isn’t selfish” – I’ve learned the hard way this year that it is essential that we begin prioritising ourselves – no excuses.

I, like many others, had spent a lifetime people pleasing and put others needs before my own, to my own detriment I might add. The last two years took its toll on so many of us, both physically and mentally. I’ve certainly noticed a shift in people taking stock of what’s important and realising that we need to put ourselves, and our health and wellbeing first.

It’s perhaps no surprise as we see a plethora of ‘city escapes’ open up with a message of ‘self care’ ‘recharging’ and ‘standing still’ for an hour to regroup, and revitalise. I for one am all for it. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when the wonderful team atLuxury infrared studio Rimba Sweat reached out to invite me to check out its new flagship venue in the heart of Neutral Bay. I jumped at the chance.

No stranger to the benefits of an infrared sauna, I love them and always feel so great after a 45 minute session, I decided to opt for a treatment which I hadn’t done before – the Contrast Room, the first of its kind in Sydney.

Sydney’s first ever communal contrast therapy room (Remedy Room) is certainly a show stealer complete with a custom made traditional Finnish sauna, two ice baths and pail shower all in the same room – heaven! The entire room is a wet room, so no need to worry about the mad dash from either the 5 degree or 10 degree bath back to the warmth of the sauna!

The studio also boasts five private infrared sauna suites – each features a state of the art, full-spectrum cedar wood sauna, equipped with built-in 32inch Smart TVs logged into Netflix, Spotify and Kayo, and Bluetooth speakers connected to each infrared sauna. There’s also built-in Chromotherapy (Colour Light Therapy – customers can select a colour of choice, such as blue to promote rest & relaxation or red which is known to be energising and great for muscle recovery, and experience the healing power of light).

The beautifully thought-out interior architecture takes centre-stage at the flagship. A visually stunning experience from the moment you walk in the doors, Rimba Sweat’s signature Mediterranean aesthetic of soft whites and raw textures is on show, elevated by black accents and oversized marble features.

Following my session, I was invited to relax and decompress on the large MCM House sofa in the lounge area, with a range of refreshing, independently owned beverage brands for sale, including Aqualove alkaline water, Nectar cold pressed juices, Nakula coconut water, Trainer Tom’s kombucha or their custom raw Jamu shot (coconut water, orange juice, lemon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper). Rimba Sweat also sells a carefully curated selection of wellness products to enhance your infrared experience: Anjali essential oil range, Superfeast medicinal mushroom powders, bespoke turkish cotton towels, gua sha & roller sets and dry brushes.

Wright is particularly excited about being able to offer the first ever communal contrast therapy room in Sydney, explaining what a session of communal contrast therapy entails “Contrast Therapy is a practice where you alternate between hot and cold, to encourage expanding and contracting of blood vessels. This is amazing if you exercise a lot, or have a sports injury as it significantly reduces muscle strength loss and aids in recovery (as the repairing blood cells are being pushed to the injured area faster). But more than just recovery, the practice of hot and cold immersion brings an incredible sense of euphoria and energy. Our Rimba team gives you a full run down before you begin, we usually recommend spending 10-12 mins in the sauna before plunging into the ice bath for 2-3 mins.”

Each Remedy Room session includes up to 1 hour of recovery, and can be booked individually or for a group of four, making it ideal for group socialising.”

Infrared therapy has a multitude of benefits, ranging from muscle and injury recovery, to improved sleep and mental clarity, detoxification, immune support, improved skin health and even weight loss (a session can burn up to 600 calories which is the equivalent of going for a run). There’s also a lot of studies widely documenting infrared therapy’s ability to significantly improve overall wellness.

Wright couldn’t be more thrilled that increasing numbers of Sydneysiders have discovered the benefits of infrared therapy thanks to Rimba Sweat: “The trend has definitely grown…the benefits are undeniable and the way you can really reset or set someone’s day up for the better – the endorphin release makes it feel like a blend of walking out after a relaxing massage, or just finishing a workout. When we see our clients leaving our studio either feeling completely energised for the day ahead, or relaxed in the evening winding down from a stressful day, it gives us a genuine feeling that we’ve really helped improve their mental and physical well-being, and that makes us feel really proud to be doing what we do.”

A third Rimba Sweat infrared studio is in the works in Cronulla, slated for opening late 2022, and I for one can’t bloody wait!

Rimba Sweat is running a limited time only introductory offer for new customers to Neutral Bay – for $99 you can purchase a three-session, all-access pass. For more details, head to https://rimbasweat.com.au/ or follow @rimbasweat on Instagram.

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