World record holder and champion swimmer, Ariarne Titmus, is one of the many Australians that suffer from gluten sensitivity and has come on board as GluteGuard’s first ambassador – to help raise awareness of the common problems faced by those on a gluten-free diet.

Ariarne is passionate about the benefits of the product, having followed a strict gluten-free diet herself since a medical diagnosis in 2017. Ariarne is helping shine a light on a common issue faced by many Aussies who avoid gluten in their diets: the risk of inadvertent and accidental gluten ingestion. GluteGuard, which Ariarne purchased herself prior to travelling to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, helps to protect those who are medically diagnosed gluten sensitive from the gluten ‘you don’t know about’.

A tablet taken before meals when it’s not possible to be sure about gluten contamination, GluteGuard is the only clinically proven* product formulated with Caricain, an innovative naturally derived enzyme from the papaya fruit which has the unique ability to break down harmful gluten peptides before they interact with the intestinal lining. The product brings a much-needed solution for those on a gluten-free diet and helps to protect from symptoms and the subsequent impact on day-to-day activities.

Increased availability of GluteGuard via pharmacies is a welcome development for the 6.68 million Australians who are known to avoid wheat or gluten for several reasons, and as gluten intolerance continues to grow at over 7.5% per year.

Inadvertent gluten consumption is a real and regular problem with 90 percent of those with medically diagnosed gluten sensitivities reporting accidental consumption at least once a month, despite maintaining a strict gluten-free diet, causing many to report suffering anxiety and fear of eating out. Having GluteGuard handy means they can relax when eating out, knowing that one tablet can assist with breaking down gluten that may be hiding in their meals and help protect against negative symptoms.

Accidental gluten ingestion is an issue that Ariarne understands well. As the current Olympic 200 and 400 metre freestyle champion and 400 metre (long course) world record holder, she knows the importance of maintaining her wellbeing and reducing any effect accidental gluten can have on her training, travel and social life. Talking of the partnership, Ariarne says, “I’m so proud to partner with GluteGuard because I am one of the many Aussies that really do need to guard against gluten. I spend a lot of time training, travelling and competing, so maintaining the right diet and ensuring I don’t suffer negative effects from gluten means I can keep performing at my best. Living gluten-free can be challenging but GluteGuard reduces the worry, benefitting millions of people. This Australian-made product makes a genuine difference!”

GluteGuard is available in a 10-tablet pack with a recommended retail price of $12.95 or a 30-tablet pack for $29.95.

GluteGuard is available to purchase over the counter, to find store stockists visit Gluteguard and for more on the product, visit

* Cornell JH et al. 2016 IJCD Vol. 4, No 2 p:40-47. Zebrowska A et al. 2014 IJCD Vol. 2, No 2 p:58-63. These clinical studies were funded by Glutagen Pty Ltd.

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