Get ready for a whirlwind of flavor and fun as Martinez Sydney, the hottest CBD spot boasting top-notch cocktails and swanky vibes, teams up with St Rémy Signature for an epic collaboration just in time for the festive season!

From December 4th to January 14th, brace yourself for a taste bud fiesta at Martinez Sydney. For just $28, you can snag a St Rémy Signature cocktail paired with a plate of mouthwatering croquettes. Picture this: the ‘Champ de Fraise,’ a zesty concoction with hints of strawberry and wattleseed honey, is here to refresh your palate as the temperatures rise. And don’t even get us started on those Gruyere and golden raisin croquettes – the perfect sidekick to St Rémy Signature’s star performance.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and Martinez Sydney has your back for casual and wallet-friendly after-work drinks right in the heart of the city. This exclusive pairing is a golden ticket for professionals and city slickers to ditch the daily grind, soak in the festive cheer, and sprinkle a dash of sophistication on the holiday season without burning a hole in your pocket.

Channeling the laid-back vibes of southern France and the Mediterranean coast, Martinez promises good times with shared plates, all against the backdrop of the breathtaking Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And why the collaboration with St Rémy Signature? Well, it’s all about breaking free from the norm and redefining what premium brandy can be in the cocktail space. This partnership is a match made in cocktail heaven, appealing to both the brandy connoisseurs and the enthusiasts who like to shake things up a bit.

Sydneysiders, mark your calendars because this exclusive pairing at one of Sydney’s newest and trendiest venues is an experience you won’t want to miss. Get ready to sip, savor, and celebrate in style! Cheers to Martinez Sydney and St Rémy Signature for bringing the party to your palate.

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