Oh Flossy is a beautiful beauty brand known for its commitment to safe and creative beauty products for children. SS101 recently trialed the Deluxe Makeup Set and the Oh Flossy Nail Polish Set and we are in LOVE!

The Deluxe Makeup Set  is a whimsical and vibrant collection that provides children with the opportunity to explore the world of makeup in a safe and imaginative way. The set includes a variety of eyeshadows, blush, lip balm, and glitter—all formulated with non-toxic, water-based ingredients. The colors are beautifully pigmented, allowing children to express their creativity while keeping parents at ease with the knowledge that the products are free from harmful chemicals. The packaging is charming, featuring a playful design that adds an extra element of fun to the makeup experience. This set is not just about beauty; it’s also a tool for fostering creativity and imaginative play.

Complementing the makeup set is the Oh Flossy Nail Polish Set, which brings a touch of glamour to little fingers. The nail polishes are water-based and peelable, ensuring a mess-free and safe application. The set includes an array of delightful colors, allowing kids to experiment with different looks. The formulation is gentle on young nails, and the peelable feature makes removal a breeze, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals. The packaging is delightful, adorned with playful designs that add a sense of joy to the nail-painting experience. This set is a fantastic way for children to express themselves through colorful and safe nail art.


Oh Flossy Party Nail Polish Set: $30.95

Oh Flossy Deluxe Makeup Set: $45.95

Check out Oh Flossy Here: https://ohflossy.com/


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