SydneySocial101 met with skin expert, Karen Varker from NeoStrata for a skin analysis and introduction to its revolutionary skincare range.

First Karen kicked off by telling me the background behind the US company which started out in the 1970s when the founders were looking for a cure for Eczema and Dermatitis. From 1988 the global company have been operating in Australia. Through their research NeoStrata developed a number of formulas (many of which patented) which have been clinically proven to help with the visible signs of aging, Including:

• Premature aging /sun damaged skin • Dry, dull and dehydrated skin • Fine lines and wrinkles • Pigmentation (dark spots) • Acne scarring/oily and acne prone skin

Karen explained how the NeoStrata works with the skin helping to exfoliate, stimulate cell renewal and hydrate; all of which help keep skin looking youthful and radiant. This being particularly important in harsh environments such as Australia where sun damage and pigmentation are common signs of ageing.

After discussing how we can help protect the skin I bravely went under the UV lights to see how much damage the Australian sun had done to my fair English skin. Surprisingly I came out quite well, which I was pleased to hear. Karen outlined only a few small areas around my eyes and nose which looked dehydrated and was please to see that I clearly moisturise as much as possible. Phew!

I told Karen that like most girls I want a simple routine for facial cleansing, something that fits into my everyday life and doesn’t require too much effort. She introduced me to the NeoStrata Enlighten Range which is clinically proven to achieve lighter, brighter skin in three simple steps. This range is ideal for younger consumers who are wanting to protect their skin from signs of anti-aging but their skin is not ready for the stronger anti-aging products on the market.

Step 1: Use the Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser morning and night to remove make up, prepare the skin for skincare benefits and refresh your skin.

Step 2: Apply the Enlighten Illuminating Serum morning and night after cleansing to help control pigmentation, even out skin tone and brighten your skin.

Step 3: Finally apply the Enlighten Pigment Controller. This should be applied once daily for the first two weeks, and then twice daily after this.

After just seven days you can expect to feel improved softness in the skin and see a brighter more even completion after four weeks.

Research stated 93% of women saw an improvement in the signs of pigmentation in just four weeks with 80% experiencing brighter, lights more radiant skin.

I can’t wait to test out my new facial regime and see the result! We are so impressed with NeoStrata so far we hope to offer our readers the chance to experience the brand too, watch this space!


NeoStrata is available in Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and other leading pharmacies making it super easy keep stocked up.


Price guide:

Ultra Brightening Cleanser – $40.75

Illuminating Serum $60.95

Pigment Controller $50.95


For more information visit:

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