The Botanist Gin, a certified B Corp enterprise renowned for its steadfast dedication to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices, is delighted to unveil an innovative partnership with Sydney’s esteemed establishment, RE, introducing ‘The Botanist Gin Exchange.’ This groundbreaking initiative kicks off at the onset of National Recycling Week and spans the entire month of November, celebrating World Recycling Month and highlighting the brand’s shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

‘The Botanist Gin Exchange’ introduces a groundbreaking concept inviting Sydneysiders to actively engage in the sustainability movement. The premise is simple: bring in your empty gin bottle, regardless of the brand, and in return, you’ll receive a complimentary The Botanist Gin martini from a specially crafted menu by the RE team. Your used bottle becomes your “currency” at this eco-conscious and community-oriented establishment. This innovative approach not only encourages recycling but also fosters a sense of community among individuals striving to make a positive environmental impact.

The collaboration between The Botanist Gin and RE signifies a joint dedication to sustainability values. The Botanist Gin adopts a comprehensive sustainability approach, covering energy, agriculture, biodiversity, and packaging initiatives. Their mission is to create a positive impact on social, economic, and environmental fronts, with ‘The Botanist Gin Exchange’ serving as a tangible manifestation of that vision.

RE, as an environmentally conscious venue, shares these sustainability values. The collaboration enables both partners to amplify their message of environmental responsibility while offering the community a memorable and gratifying experience.

Aligned with their commitment to responsible waste management, ‘The Botanist Gin Exchange’ will collaborate with Clean Vibes, specialists in sustainable recycling practices. Empty bottles collected during the initiative will be responsibly recycled, further minimizing their environmental footprint.

‘The Botanist Gin Exchange’ is set to unfold at RE from now until the conclusion of November 30, 2023.

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