Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on our faces, with the skin becoming drier thanks to cooler winds, air con (yep, it’s still on in my office) and the lack of humidity in the air. So there really is no better time to book yourself in to your local beauty salon for a spot of pampering and ensure your skin is glowing right up until, and through, the winter months.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a facial peel- perhaps you’re a bit nervous, I certainly was, with flashbacks of Samantha Jones in THAT episode of Sex & The City – the treatment involves removing the top layer of skin, to reveal a completely rejuvenated and fresher-looking face. Scary as that might sound, the good news is that modern peels are no longer invasive; there are many fantastic exfoliant peels and masks on the market, that stimulate the natural cell renewal leaving your skin smoother and complexion brighter.

IMG_0796Deep exfoliation, of course helps to smooth the overall tone of the skin, reducing fine lines making facial peels a popular anti- ageing treatment. Peels are also a successful way of treating pigmentation as a result of sun damage, hyper-pigmentation problems or even acne scars. 

Jacqueline Brennan, skin expert and owner of Neutral Bay’s Inskin Medispa provides an initial consultation with all her clients before beginning any kind of treatment, and suggests that generally a course of 6 peels, every 4-6 weeks, is suitable for most people depending on their skin type.


WhitePeel by Medik8 is suitable for most skin types, but especially for pigmentation and hyper pigmentation. It brightens skins tone and gives a deep exfoliation, so in turn will treat ageing too. It’s one of my favourite products as it provides minimum irritation and virtually no downtime!

White Peel by Medik8

White Peel by Medik8

“With my peels I include LED light therapy (Healite Light II, a medical grade skin treatment), so after the peel is removed I put my clients under the light. This enhances your skin’s natural cellular recovery, which encourages healing and promotes skin rejuvenation.

You could also incorporate a hydration facial between peels if you a seeking more relaxation or hydration.”

There are some fantastic products available and with so many different variations it really is important to identify which problem areas you want to treat. Most peels can fall under two categories; preventative – so anti-ageing, and reparative – good for discolouration, scaring etc. A good salon will always carry out a detailed consultation to design a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your skin.

This is where it’s best to leave any DIY treatments at home. Leave it to the professionals, who will educate you to get the most from your skin, and treat yourself. It’s worth it.


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