Most of us don’t need to be asked twice to partake in a free beer tasting, and even more so when it’s being conducted at the beginning of a hot summer at one of Sydney’s favourite pubs.

To celebrate the revival of the historic Tooth’s brand, Keg & Brew in Surry Hills will host a free tasting of Tooth’s Pale Ale between 7-8pm on Wednesday 9 December. A beer with 180 years of tradition, the ale is inspired by the original brew but with a modern twist.

Re-launched by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), the new brew links to the Tooth’s heritage by using East Kent Golding hops sourced from Kent in England, the home of the founding Tooth’s family. Light, refreshing and fruity on the nose, this is easy drinking Pale Ale.

CUB brewer Scott Vincent said the team wanted to capture some of the elements of a pale ale from the era. “Making a beer in the exact style of an old style brew wouldn’t work, but we believe that by taking cues from what the original would have been and giving it a modern tweak, it will resonate with drinkers,” he said. Vincent, who spent some of his early career working at the original Kent Brewery where Tooth’s was made, said the team were picking up on a real and authentic part of New South Wales’ history.

With over 30 beer taps already onsite and a mouthwatering selection of Deep-Southern American food on offer (their fried chicken and Philly Cheese steak sandwich are the bomb), free tastings of Tooth’s Pale Ale is just another reason to get down to Keg & Brew for some bourbon, beer and bites!

What:  Tooth’s Pale Ale Free Tastings
When:  Wednesday 9th December 7pm-8pm
Where: Keg & Brew, 26 Foveaux St Surry Hills

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