September is a celebration of culture as the Sydney Fringe Festival 2015  descends upon the city.  The full program has now been revealed for the five- week arts festival, with 300 productions spanning theatre, music, comedy, visual  art, film, cabaret, musical theatre, dance, circus, literature and poetry across over 50 venues.

A festival first, 2015 Sydney Fringe presents a Festival Village in Erskineville including pop­‐up spaces and street  activations breathing creative energy into the streetscapes of the Inner-­West.

The 2015 festival will see a succession of five weekly themes, opening with ‘The Inner City’, followed by ‘The Festival Heart’ in week two and ‘The  Treats  Continue’ in week three. The fourth week is focused on  family events and closing  week is dubbed as ‘The Last Days’.

Highlights  of  the  Festival  Program  include  Berlin  Performance  artist  Peter  Baecker  ‘living’  in  three  locations  across the festival.  Creating  living  installations  and  generating  good  vibes  across  Sydney,   Baecker’s  main  home   at  Broadway,   Sydney’s  CBD  from   7th  September,  is  a  place  for  Fringe   audiences  and  city  visitors  to  interact  with  the  International  performer  and  become  a  part  of  the   Sydney  Fringe  creative  process.

Yoke Pop-­Up Magazine will present a series of events as part of Pop-­Up Fringe.  Partnering  with   Artereal  Gallery,  Yoke  brings  a  series  of  provocative  artist-­‐led  conversations  and  performances.   Other  events  will  include  Yoga  Under  The  Stars,  a  Beautiful  Pages  pop-­‐up  store,  Your  Gut  Feeling  –   a  panel  discussion  with  health  and  food  gurus  and  The  Ultimate  Balancing  Act  –  a  free  event  with   Sydney  Fringe  Director  Kerri  Glasscock  and  other  women  on  the  work-­‐life  balance.

Spanning  the  five  weeks  of  Sydney  Fringe  Festival  will  also  be  a  range  of  Artist  Master  Classes, including lessons on creating terrariums, candle-­making and resin jewellery-­making.

Tickets and full festival details can be found at


Montagues Basement - Sydney FringeWeek  1:  The  Inner  City

  • Tuesday 1st September, 7:30pm: Fringe Opening Night Special Comedy Club, Giant  Dwarf  – Redfern
  • Weds 2nd September, 8:30pm: Dark Vanilla Jungle, Old 505 Theatre  – Surry Hills
  • Thursday 3rd September, 8pm: Impact  The  Platform  –  107  Projects  – Redfern
  • Friday  4th  September, 7pm – 9:30pm: Wes  Carr,  Venue  505  –  Surry  Hills
  • Saturday 5th September, 3pm – 7pm: FRINGE IGNITE  Festival Opening Celebration Erskineville Rd
  • Sunday 6th September, 6pm: 6 Degrees of Ned Kelly The Village Theatre  –  Erskineville


Week  2:  The  Festival  Heart

  • Monday  7th  September: Peter  Baecker  moves  into  Broadway  Sydney
  • Tuesday  8th  September, 8:30pm: Jonny  Potts,  505  @  5  Eliza  Street – Newtown
  • Wednesday  9th  September, 7pm: That’s  Showbiz,  The  Reginald  Theatre  – Chippendale
  • Thursday 10th September,  8:30pm: Illusion  Through  Expectation  w/  Alex  Moffat,  Speakeasy   Lounge  –  Erskineville
  • Friday  11th  September,  9:15pm: Tender  Indifference,  Emerging  Artist  Hub  –  PACT  Theatre  –   Erskineville
  • Saturday  12th  September,  8:30pm: Little  Moons,  Village  Theatre  –  Erskineville
  • Sunday  13th  September,  4pm: Fringe  Festivals  around  Australia,  Info  Session

Week  3:  The  Treats  Continue

  • Monday  14th  September,  7-­10pm,  Public  Forums,  The  Eternity  Playhouse  –  Darlinghurst
  • Tuesday  15th  September,  7:30pm,  Kinski  And  I,  505  @  5  Eliza  Street – Newtown
  • Wednesday  16th  September,  8:30pm,  Ursula  Yovich,  Venue  505  –  Surry  Hills
  • Thursday  17th  September, 7pm: Elixir,  The  Reginald  Theatre  –  Chippendale
  • Friday  18th  September, 8:30pm: Host  A  Murder  Party,  Speakeasy  Lounge  – Erskineville
  • Saturday  19th  September: Small  Worlds  Festival,  Sydney  Park  – Alexandria
  • Sunday  20th  September,  11am: The  Vegetable  Plot,  Fringe  Kids – Marrickville  Town  Hall

LeftWeek  4:  Events  Aplenty

  • Monday  21st  September, 6:30pm: The  Great  Big  Story  Book,  The  Fringe  Kids – Marrickville  Town Hall
  • Tuesday  22nd  September,  8pm: Late  Night  Library,  Village  Theatre  –  Erskineville
  • Wednesday  23rd  September, 8:30pm:  Almost  Face  To  Face, Old  505  Theatre  –  Surry Hills
  • Thursday  24th  September, 6pm: Britannia  Waves  The  Rules,  The  New  Theatre  –  Newtown
  • Friday  25th  September,  7pm: The  Screamers,  The  Imperial  Hotel – Erskineville
  • Saturday  26th  September,  7pm: Silent  Dinner  Party,  Marrickville  Town  Hall
  • Sunday  27th  September,  2pm  &  5pm: Spectrophobia,  Glitterbox  Hair  Salon  –  Newtown


Week  5:  The  Last  Days

  • Monday  28th  September, 6pm: Fringe  Film  Comp  Screening,  Dendy  –  Newtown
  • Tuesday  29th  September, 6pm: Fringe  Awards  &  Come  Down  Party,  Venue  505  –  Surry  Hills
  • Wednesday  30th  September, 6pm: Something  From:  The  Factory  Theatre  –  Marrickville

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