Earlier this year Co-Owners, Chef Brent Savage and Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt, announced their decision to shift the menu at Yellow to a ‘solely vegetable driven menu’. For those of us who were familiar with their meatier dishes, there was a little sadness to say farewell to their spatchcock specials and their Rangers Valley beef flank dishes. I have to add too, that as a Steak Tartare loving foodie, vegetarian did seem like it would be limiting my dining options. However, I am glad to say that after dining there last week, that wow, who’d have thought ‘vegetable driven’ could be so delicious?

Being both keen on eating lots of food and concerned the lack of meat would leave me hungry, I quickly convinced my dinner date to do the full five course Yellow’s Vegetarian Tasting Menu ($70) – there’s a vegan option too. Their seven course ($95) is for Saturday’s only so make sure you pick your day right. Yellow is one of the easiest restaurants to find in Potts Point. Start at either end of Macleay Street and walk along till you find the iconic yellow brick house. Inside the yellow continues with a cosiness derived from low hanging lighting that gently illuminates your dining.

Vegetarian Tasting Menu - Spaghetti Squash + Persimmon + Egg Yolk

As much as I love tastings and am aware of the number one rule, I always eat the bread. Fresh, soft doughy bread with a crunchy crust and creamy butter are a big yes for me and the mini loaf of their house made bread we were given did not disappoint. I’d chosen to skip the wine pairing (a very reasonable $60) and tried a glass of cloudy white (2015 Domaine Lucci “Sans Sulfite” Pinot Gris) then a red (2014 Domaine Le Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Grenache). The Pinot Gris was very full flavoured and the ‘cloudiness’ was a nice twist, no wonder Co-Owner and Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt is so well renowned. My dinner date chose the Non-Alcoholic Match ($40), which was a selection of herbal teas, fruit, spice and vegetable juices. The Turkish Apple Tea, Star Anise and Cardamon desert tea was a definite win of the evening. If I could have the non-alcoholic matchings with a shot of something alcoholic, that’d be my pick next time.

Our amuse bouche was Yellow’s famous Baby Corn and Almond Crunch dish. We discussed what the sauce could be made of and decided ‘deliciousness’ would cover it. Each course that arrived was a delicate balance of colour, textures and a surprising hit of flavour that sated without needing to drag our bellies along the ground on the way out. Our first course certainly set the tone with the Pea Mousse, Pickled Diakon and Toasted Buttermilk. There was crunch, a smooth mouse, crisp vegetables and a speckled clear broth? Cream? Sauce? Most of our courses consisted of a tasty debate on what the dishes consisted of before verifying it against the menu. The flavours varied from light and fresh yoghurt parfait to a deep rich vegetable broth – I still secretly believe it must be part bone broth because how else could you get such a flavoursome broth?! My favourite dish was probably the Spaghetti Squash with Permission and Egg Yolk. It arrived shaped like a slice of squash, covered in leaves curled around an egg yolk, with a creamy sauce and more crunchy bits. Not long after you fork into it, the squash shape melts into a hundred strings of ‘spaghetti’, so much fun to bite into.

I’m not ready to give up my meat dishes, but I definitely want to go back and try more of Yellow’s vegetable focused menu. Why not put your taste buds to the test and try out Yellow’s tasting menu?

Vegetarian Tasting Menu - Yogart Parfait + Mandarin + Sichuan



Where: 57-59 Macleay Street, Potts Point, Sydney

Opening hours: Dinner seven nights; open for breakfast and brunch from 8am on weekends

Phone:  02 9332 2344

Website: www.yellowsydney.com.au

Join The Conversation: @yellow_sydney

Parsnip Pappardelle + Yolk + Ricotta

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