We adore coffee here at SydneySocial101 and so do our lovely readers! What better way to answer all our coffee related questions than by talking to a true coffee expert. We were lucky enough to interview Jack Alpe, Head trainer in the Marketing team at Vittoria Food & Beverage, to get the lowdown on all things COFFEE!

We started off by asking Jack-  What constitutes a perfect latte?

I always start with looking at the ratio of the beverage – the latte should have no more than about 1.5cm of foam. If the latte is poured correctly, your first sip should be delicate with a good balance of foam to milk ratio and a good cut through of the espresso shot.

What are the little touches that enrich the coffee drinking experience? 

I look at how the coffee is presented and served. I love how some cafes are paring various coffee origins with certain foods such as chocolates & so forth.

How long have you been a barista – and what made you choose this path?

I did my work experience here at Vittoria Coffee in year 10 of high school and fell in love with the product and the industry. Soon after that I got a job 4th Village Providore where I was then promoted to head barista.  I have been making coffees now for almost 7 years and I love the versatility of the product and the dynamic pace of how the industry is changing.

Do you enjoy being a Barista – what is the best part of your job?

I love engaging with my regular customers and building friendships with them. Coffee is a big part of a café’s success. Its great working with managers to work on new strategies to grow their customer base and produce the best coffee available in their area.

What type of coffee beans do you use – and how does this affect the coffee produced? 

I use a range of blends for different occasions. Different blends are better suited to various beverages. For example, when serving espressos and macchiatos, I use a complex blend of 5 different origins that is a lighter roast to bring out some amazing flavours whilst not being too overpowering.

What makes Vittoria coffee exceptional?

Working with Vittoria Coffee I know that I am getting the highest quality Arabica beans in every single cup. I am also extremely impressed with the consistency of the product. I’ve found that with other brands I have worked with each bag has a different taste profile from the last.

What is your signature coffee drink – and how did you create this concept? 

The coffee consumer is becoming a lot more savvy when it comes to understanding taste profiles of different roasters. People are moving away for the large and extra large beverages and swapping it for stronger styles of coffee. I have created a “3pm pick me up” which is served in a 6oz cups using a double ristetto – great for getting you through the afternoon.

What would you rate the coffee in Sydney out of 10, on the world scale? 

Coffee in Sydney is amongst the best in the world. Australia is leading the way in how we consume espresso and milk based coffees. We have developed the new way of foaming milk, moving from the big foamed caps to smooth, dense textured milked. Australia roasters, including Vittoria Coffee are now focusing on the American market and are pioneering appreciation of the coffee culture in America.

Thank you for your vast coffee wisdom Jack! 


So as you know Sydney is the place to be for world class coffee! Vittoria has one of the most exquisite coffee blends in Australia – so we have put together a list of places you can enjoy a hit of Vittoria coffee right here in Sydney. Enjoy!

  • L’Americano Expresso Barabout-img
  • Mach 2
  • Bar Milazzo
  • Legal Grounds
  • Ethos
  • Café Vivo
  • Society Caffe CBD
  • North Steyne Emporium
  • Speedos Bondi
  • Granatas
  • Café Biaggio
  • Moody Chef
  • Hungry Bean Sydney CBD
  • Angel Terrace Chatswood
  • Sejuced
  • Sette
  • Icebergs Terrace


Drink Responsibly  🙂

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