The Gunman was action packed and sexy from start to finish, directed by Pierre Morel (Taken) and starring Academy Award winning actors Sean Penn and Javier Bardem accompanied by Ray Winstone, Mark Rylance and the stunning Jasmine Trinca. Sydney Social 101 was excited to attend the Sydney premier screening at Event Cinemas on George Street last night.


Sean Penn stars as Jim Terrier, an ex-special forces and mercenary sniper that is forced to flee and leave the love of his life, Annie (Jasmine Trinca) without explanation. Eight years later he is seeking redemption through humanitarian efforts in Congo, where his past catches up with him to chase him across Africa, London and Europe.  Terrier calls upon his former special forces colleagues and lifetime friends to help him discover the person that wants his head.


Sean Penn is not only the protagonist in this film, he is also both a co-screenwriter and producer. Many similarities can be seen between the Taken franchise and The Gunman as one man finds himself fighting against what seem to be international armies, to save those he loves.  A proportionate amount of loyalty and dishonesty keeps one their toes’, guessing what is around the corner.


Penn is an incredible actor and it was great to see him as the ‘good guy’ for a change (not to mention without his shirt for a decent portion of the film). I highly recommend watching The Gunman on the big screen, as it is one of the better action thrillers that I have seen this year.

The Gunman is out in cinemas nationally on April 16th.

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