Stone & Wood Brewing Company introduce new Beers of the Earth at The Dove & Olive

The ritual of coming together and sharing a few beers is grounded in our world’s history. In celebration of the fact that we’re the only planet with beer, Stone & Wood have brewed six traditional styles that pay homage to each of their humble beginnings.

The entire range will be on tap at Surry Hills’ craft beer favourite, The Dove & Olive! Punters will be able to work their way around the globe in six schooners starting with the London Porter, toasted and roasted malt with a fruity aroma of prunes, raisins and earthy English hops. Move onto the Czech Pilsner, featuring rich sweet malts, balanced with lashings of Czech Saaz hops adding a soft yet assertive bitterness. The American IPA is a deep marmalade colour from the American ale & crystal malts, with upfront citrus and a piney aroma from US hops that deliver an outrageous bitterness. Don’t miss the firm bitterness of the golden Belgian Saison or the spicy characteristics of the delicate yet complex German Hefeweizen. Also be sure to taste the Antipodean Pale Ale – lush tropical floral aromas created by blending New Zealand & Australian hops lead to a clean malt and refreshing dry bitter finish.

Originating in Byron Bay in 2008, Stone & Wood are one of Australia’s most popular craft beer companies, brewing crowd-pleasing, accessible beers such as their Lager and Pacific Ale. Their philosophy is simple – brew beers that are good to drink. Beers that let the flavours and aromas of the ingredients shine through by keeping the processes to a minimum. Be sure to have a chat to Stone & Wood’s Pat Keeble who will be on the ground to talk through each of the beers.

To help you soak up Stone & Wood’s amber goodness, each of the beers on offer will be paired with a matching slider. Chow down on a porter-battered fish slider with spicy tartare, dill, shaved fennel and iceberg lettuce while you’re sipping on your London Porter.  Pair your Czech Pilsner with a Czech-style goulash pulled beef infused with pilsner and served with roasted pepper relish, baby cos and sweet mayo. Kick back with a beef cheese slider in one hand and an American IPA in the other or if you’re drinking the Antipodean Pale Ale, grab yourself an NZ lamb slider with Aussie brie cheese, minted yoghurt, green tomato relish and pickles. We can’t think of a better match!

To celebrate all things beer, Sydney Social spoke to Pat Keeble of Stone & Wood Brewery about the new selection and what to expect:

Tell us about the new beers

– Simply put, these 6 beers are a celebration that we are the only planet with beer! They’re a homage to the classic styles, ingredients and brewing techniques from all over the planet that have inspired us and many other Brewers.

What makes them so special

– For us, it’s the styles themselves and keeping them true to the way they were intended by using the key ingredients from those countries as well as the brewing techniques involved. Styles such as the Saison and Heffeweizen are quite different to what we do day to day which is what makes them special. It also gives our Brewers the chance to have some fun and showcase their skills.

Are they stocked anywhere else?

– Yeah they are. The best way to locate them would be to jump on our website where we keep a list of all our stockists and partners.

Are they available to buy over the counter?

– Certainly are. Again check our website but you’ll find them mostly at independent retailers spread out across Sydney.

Which is the most popular?

– This is controversial. Given the variance in the styles it really comes down to the tastes of the drinker however I know a lot of our Brewers are frothing over the American IPA and London Porter. They’re all equally as good for different reasons.

Which is your favourite?

– Hard to go past the Czech Pilsener. It’s such a true, clean representation of the classic style and perfectly balanced.
The Dove & Olive

156 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills

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