Are you a budding film-maker? Do you like being the first to know about the next big thing? Or do you just enjoy quirky, down-to-earth, painfully close to real life comedy?

If your answer to any or all of the above is ‘yes’, then you need to get your gorgeous little behind down to EVENT CINEMAS on the 5th of September. For one night only, Event Cinemas George St will present a Q&A with the impossibly talented and all-round funny girl Claudia Pickering followed by a screening of her debut feature film “Frisky”.

The film is about two twenty-something girls who move to San Francisco with grand hopes of embarking on wildly successful careers. But upon arrival, their lives quickly devolve into a potent cocktail of dudes, dongs and drama. Based on true events, it’s a painfully honest and hilarious portrayal of young twenty-something women’s lives in that awkward stage between graduation and proper adulthood (come on, we’ve all been there).

“Frisky” was produced with an impressively tiny budget of $5k and was written, produced and directed by Claudia Pickering. Oh and did we mention she’s also starring in it? (Yeah, she’s one of those annoying all-round talented people!) The film has been well-received so far and has already won a heap of awards. It’s even created a bit of a buzz state-side so catch this comedy genius now before she catapults into world fame and dominates Hollywood (like all good Aussies do).

And if that wasn’t enough to lure you in, the Q&A will be lead by the iconic film director (and, casually, the president of the Australian Director’s Guild) Samantha Lang. Seriously, if you’re interested in film making (and especially if you’re a female interested in film making) this is an absolute must see.

Tickets are $15 and you even get a complimentary drink on arrival. So if you’re thinking of making a film and want some tips on how to succeed, or just fancy a night out (and plenty of laughs) with the girls… get your tickets here ASAP.

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