After noticing huge gaps in fitness industry education, award-winning Australian gym company Fitness Playground has introduced Fitness Playground Academy. The Academy was created in the hope of transforming the industry and raising the standard of fitness education.

Fitness Playground Academy runs both free and paid courses to shape more effective fitness professionals, in turn helping clients achieve better results. Since opening
its first gym in 2014, Fitness Playground has placed a heavy focus on the education and nurturing of their coaches.


Fitness Playground Academy currently offers three courses, which are a mix of free and paid education:

Industry Insights: A free 90-minute workshop delivered by current fitness professionals that gives people considering a career in fitness an honest overview of the whole fitness
landscape and career pathways, the challenges you could face and what you need to succeed, before you commit to study.

Cert III & Cert IV: This 20-week accreditation course is people-focused, practical education, delivered by real fitness professionals in real gyms with real clients. Students get real-world experience in a supported environment before they have to do it on their own.

Industry Ready: A free 8-week course designed to arm people for long-term success in the fitness industry. You’ll get the ‘human skills’ required to be a coach who can
meaningfully impact your clients’ lives, as well as the sales and business skills required for a successful long-term career in the industry. Personal Trainers who have been accredited by another institution can do this free course to fill in some of the gaps in their training.


The next event is: 

Date: Wednesday 16 June
Time: 5:30–7:00pm
Cost: Free
What is it? A free 90-minute workshop delivered by successful fitness industry professionals for people considering a career in fitness. It gives you an honest overview of the whole fitness landscape, career pathways, the challenges you could face and what you need to succeed.
Instructors: Fitness Playground Co-Founder & CEO Justin Ashley, National Personal Training Manager Matt Duncan & National Group Fitness Manager Laura Basta
Location: Surry Hills, NSW
Register for free via
Go to to find out more about Fitness Playground Academy and their courses.

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