Sydney Social 101 was invited to attend the premiere screening of THE GAMBLER this week, which is released nationally today. It is a fantastic film that literally keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the film!

To celebrate the release of The Gambler, we have a behind the scenes featurette focusing on Mark Wahlberg’s character Jim Bennett.

The featurette also includes interviews with the cast – Mark Wahlberg himself, Brie Larson, Jessica Lange and Michael K Williams

Highlighting the pitfalls of gambling the film follows Jim Bennett (Academy Award®-nominee Mark Wahlberg) who is a risk taker, to say the least.

Both an English professor and a high-stakes gambler, Bennett bets it all when he borrows from a gangster (Michael Kenneth Williams) and offers his own life as collateral.  Always one step ahead, Bennett pits his creditor against the operator of a gambling ring (Alvin Ing) and leaves his dysfunctional relationship with his wealthy mother (Academy Award®-winner Jessica Lange) in his wake.  He plays both sides, immersing himself in an illicit, underground world while garnering the attention of Frank (John Goodman), a loan shark with a paternal interest in Bennett’s future.  As his relationship with a student (Brie Larson) deepens, Bennett must take the ultimate risk for a second chance…



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