As summer fast approaches many of us are becoming more aware of our bodies and what they look like in a bikini! There are many PTs out there claiming to ‘overhaul’ your body, you just have to sign over your life (am I right?!). There are few that can back up their claims, unlike Blake Worrall-Thompson, who can credit Sam Frost’s recent transition from jilted Bachelor contestant to smoking hot Bachelorette with 15 guys competing for her love.

We decided to catch up with Blake to ask about his advice to look after your body in the run up to Summer season.

So tell us about your business

What was the inspiration? 6 weeks to sexy and 6 weeks to shredded is actually a mix of what I wanted in my life and what I thought ‘consumer’ needed more of. For me it was a case of not wanting to do one on one training anymore and create a business that gave me flexibility and for the consumer it was about building serious results in the shortest period of time while having a strong impact on their headspace, happiness and lifestyle at the same time.

What one piece of advice would you have for people looking to overhaul their bad habits?

Get started. Sounds simple and it kind of is. For too many people there is a lot of talk about it and a lot of stress about it when it really is a case of leaning forward and getting started. The other thing they need to be conscious of is the ‘cycle’ that comes with breaking bad habits. First of all you get that initial excitement of something ‘new’, then you hit the second stage which is when the initial excitement wears off and you need to do the work and then the third stage is when you have created a habit around it and it becomes ‘autopilot’. If you know that there are going to be some ‘sticky’ stages where it will be a little bit harder then you prepare yourself for them and ride through it.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

All I ever wanted to do was play A.F.L and when it didn’t happen I found my second love – health and fitness

If you someone could only change one thing to make them feel better, what would you suggest?

The top five people they spend time with. Good, positive, happy people rub off their vibes on you.

Do you practice what you preach?

Absolutely. And it upsets me the amount of people in the health and fitness space that don’t. In saying that I am more than happy for someone to pull me up if I’m doing something that isn’t aligned with my values or what I stand for – we all need to be pulled up every now and then.

What’s the best exercise you can recommend for the time poor?

A 20-minute at home bodyweight workout. You will be amazed how much can happen in 20 minutes.

What’s the best breakfast to start your day?

Either your eggs or a protein smoothie. Will keep you going for hours.

Where’s your favourite hangout in Sydney?

Just about any beach! They are all amazing – and I LOVE Bondi but I’m a big fan of getting out and going exploring other beaches and other parts of Sydney.

Finally how can people get involved and learn more?

The blog – All my thoughts on health, fitness, happiness and ‘life’ – hopefully people can get something from it 😉

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