Lockdown is hard enough but not being able to get your lashes done professionally makes it even harder – here are 5 simple lash hacks from Kathy Duong -founder and lash extraordinaire of Fancy Lash) to keep your lashes looking luxe until your next appointment!

  1. Brush! – even without lash extensions the build-up of makeup, bacteria and dust particles sits on our lashes. Brushing them through with a spoolie each day helps keep lashes clean and free from any nasty build up!
  2. Wash! – we all take the time to ensure our body and skincare is followed but what about your lashes!? Using an oil free lash cleanser is key to not only keeping your natural lashes clean but also helps new lashes grow!
  3. Know! – how often do you switch up your mascara? It is recommended we change mascara products every 2-3 months as all beauty products have a shelf life and no one wants and eye infection!
  4. Apply! – lash serums can be pricy, but with this simple solution you’ll be sure to keep in budget and keep your lashes in check. Vaseline! Use a small amount on your lashes at night and watch your lashes grow longer and stronger.
  5. Curl! – aching for a lash lift? Us too! – using a lash curler does it for you for half the price and half the time! Simply curl and set with your favourite mascara and voila!

Book your appointment with Fancy Lash when lock down is over here: https://fancylash.net/

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