Sofi Spritz, which launched in Bondi recently is the beautiful European inspired all Australian Spritzer that has been spotted in the hands of Australia’s hottest socialites.
Sofi Spritz is a start up local brand founded by Bondi boy Tom Maclean and created in Mudgee! After a trip to Italy, Maclean was inspired by the European aperitif and abandoned his career in finance to create Sofi Spritz!
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After a successful launch party in Bondi, and an intense seeding, PR and marketing plan, Sofi Spritz is now the local, natural and beautiful Spritzer standing up against the big brands! Sydney Social 101 spoke to Tom to find out more:


Q: Tell us about Sofi Spritz and how it came to be

A: I was inspired by Italy’s love for aperitivo.  A bitter-sweet aperitif, often wine based, is an integral part of their culture and I thought it could translate beautifully into the Australian outdoor lifestyle utilising the fantastic wine that we have on offer locally.  So leaving my career in finance behind, I took this basic idea and created an all-natural version of the Mediterranean classic. We worked hard to ensure that we only used the best ingredients, sourcing our grapes from the best regions and crafting the final recipe with a master winemaker in Mudgee. After a year spent at farmers markets and refining the product and packaging, Sofi is now available nationally and stands proudly against the big brands.  

Q: What’s your fave drink?

A: I love all sorts of drinks for different occasions but hard to beat a Sofi Spritz on ice with a slice of lime. Ideally in the sunshine!


Q: Do you know of any cocktail recipes that we could use Sofi Spritz in?

A: I like to muddle lime and ginger – then add SOFI spritz – over ice – finished with soda – super refreshing and perfect for autumn. 

Plus The great thing about our social media is our followers are coming up with some really interesting serving suggestions – adding all sorts of citrus fruits, berries, and even vodka – just in case 8% ABV isn’t enough! 


Q: Describe Sofi Sprits in 5 words 

A: Bitter, Sweet, Playful, Pure, Australian  


Q: Where do you like to hang out in Sydney?

A: I struggle to leave Bondi… So probably chapter one for coffee in the morning, the hill eatery for lunch and mad pizza for dinner!


Q: Where’s your fave place to eat?

A: My new favourite is da orazio in Bondi.


Q: Where can people get their mitts on Sofi Spritz?

A: All Dan Murphy’s and 70+ independents – all listed on Online orders from Farmhouse Direct, Kemenys and dan murphy’s.  Look out for sofi at your local farmers market!


Q: Finally, what are the next steps for Sofi Spritz?

A: This year, we are shifting our focus to a targeted on premise and events strategy to ensure that SOFI is placed in leading edge venues and aligned with likeminded events and brands. We have already partnered with Ellery, have sponsored a very successful MTV Summer Party and have plenty more events in the pipeline for 2015! With a predominantly female market and a chic bottle design, an obvious area of interest is fashion. We would love to see SOFI become a convenient alternative for the fashion shows. The size of the packaging and the quality of the ingredients makes for an ideal fit.

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