Social 101 was invited to the Sydney screening of Spider-Man far from home as a guest of Sony.


After the dramatic finale of the Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man Far From Home is the first film to get released after the eventful movie had expectations held high for Marvel fans. To get to the point, this PG rated action and comedy film is ultimately, enjoyful if you have watched Endgame. However, some fans might be feeling let down in the first half of the movie, starting with a very dry and slow start.

Spider-man Far From Home’s director Jon Watts, and writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, previously worked up their first Spider man film, Homecoming, which had once again set the bar even higher due to a very positive response from fans. The success also came down to Peter Parker (Tom Holland), where he finds the perfect opportunity to pursue his romantic assertions towards MJ (Zendaya) on a school trip around Europe. Concurrently, Peter Parker struggles to tell his feeling towards MJ, by which he starts consulting with Mysterio, aka Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal), who he saved the city of Prague from a Fire monster with Peter Parker. Mysterio ominously hails he is from the multi-universe and acts as a fill-in for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) returns from the ‘blip’ by which he offers Peter Parker to fight the ‘elementals’, however, he is instantly rejected by Peter Parker on his way to pursue his relationship with MJ.

Spider-man Far From Home is established in the post-Endgame reality, post ‘blip’, where those who did not disappear have become 5 years older. Peter Parker is back in High School with his best mate Ned (Jacob Batalon) who are planning a romantic proposal to tell MJ how Peter feels, during the trip to Europe.

Peter Parker desperately conveys his idea of himself as a “friendly neighbourhood spiderman” and rejects fighting the ‘elementals’. However, Nick Fury convinces him to fight against the ‘elementals’, by which Peter and Mysterio work together to destroy it. The movie is purposely made to a slow and dry start to make the audience have trust of his actions but immediately realise you have been faked out!

At the beginning of the film “in memoriam”, represents the tribute towards Stan Lee. The general theme of this film represents the threats of modern technology, furthermore, conveying the horrifying effect technology can have. The CGI attacks on various tourist hotspots in Europe, reinforces the reality of the attacks and establishes it as a mainstream Marvel film. We thought the film was sometimes cliché such as when the teacher (Martin Starr) was trying to take a photo on jetty by which, he fails and the camera drops into the water made the theatre quiet.

Nevertheless, Peter Parker is depicted as a boyish Spiderman, successfully portraying his energetic and sometimes stupid identity. The mistakes Peter makes in high pressured situations where he wonders if he has failed to live up to his role models, further targets the audience to make them pity of his mistake.

Overall, the movie slowly lives up to the hype of endgame. The director captures the audience’s attention for the full 2 hours and 9 minutes by utilising humour and comedy once in a while. I recommend viewers to watch Endgame as you may not get some jokes in parts of the movie and there are serious SPOILERS in the movie.

Concurrently, I strongly recommend you stay for the post credit as there is a witty ending to it!


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