Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest rewards, but no one said it was easy! Navigating this wonderful yet wild time can be overwhelming, so here are some of the must-have items that will really help along the journey.

CocoonaBaby Nest RRP $349

All new mums can agree that this is a staple in their first few months with bub. This nifty nest recreates the feeling of being snug in the womb and helps your baby adapt smoothly to their new life in the outside world. This cloud-like cocoon can be put in a bassinet or cot for optimal sleep, sit pretty on the lounge next to you while you watch TV or be taken anywhere that requires you to have your little one close by. You know you’re getting the best care with the elongated semi-fetal position of the CocoonaBaby nest, which allows babies who have lost their known landmarks in the womb feel safe and content, as well as improving the quality and length of time of your baby’s sleep. We’re here for it!

Cubo Ai Plus Baby Monitor RRP $329 

This game-changing gadget will keep new mum paranoia at bay by monitoring what your baby is up to in their bassinet or cot, all from the comfort of your phone. That’s not all this beautifully designed, award-winning baby monitor does! Its AI technology proactively warns parents of dangerous situations in real-time, with alerts that go off when baby’s face is covered, they’re crying, rolling over, crawling or walking into danger zones, so that you can step in stat. In addition, it also captures a baby’s cutest moments, so partners or loved ones can watch on live and never miss a milestone. You’ll also get alerts to let you know when the temperature and humidity levels in the room aren’t quite right as well as showing analytics on your baby’s sleeping patterns through the night. It also plays sweet lullabies and white noise to calm bub!

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss Newborn Bouncer from RRP $300

The most stylish and comfortable bouncer, hands down! Little ones can rest and play in this protective contraption, which offers gentle, natural rocking that they create themselves. It’s super easy to move around, so your baby can always be close to you – while you get a chance to do things like treating yourself to the luxury of a shower, unloading the dishwasher or preparing dinner. The natural rocking of this bouncer has a soothing effect on newborns and as they grow and learn how to control the rocking, it becomes even more fun! This motion also stimulates your baby’s balance and motor skills. Its structure supports every part of bub’s body comfortably and effectively, and the high-quality, toxin-free materials are gentle on delicate baby skin.

ErgoBaby Embrace Soft Air Mesh Baby Carrier RRP $199

This is the best carrier, created specifically for newborns and it’s stylish to boot. Soft, cool and super comfortable, it allows you to stay connected with your baby from the very start. No complicated wrapping or tying, the Embrace carrier keeps bub close and protected as you step out into the big wide world and find your new rhythm together. It has optimal breathability as well as being moisture-wicking with its soft mesh fabric. The supportive waist belt distributes weight evenly to feel super secure on your body so you can move about freely with peace of mind. Another parent-friendly feature is the adjustable shoulder straps so it fits every mum’s and dad’s shape and size.

Harlow & Co Play Mat from RRP $109

The most chic and durable playmat that mum and bub will use everyday! Designed in Australia and featuring a neutral colour palette to complement any home, you’ll want to collect them all to go in every room. They’re also reversible, for two timeless patterns to choose from. Perfect for playtime and tummy-time with their thick padding and even for mum to work out on. The collection is made from a soft TPU memory foam which is non-toxic and water-resistant for super easy cleaning – just wipe and go.

Bubba Blue Bed, Bath and Nursery Goods from RRP $9.95

​New parents will soon learn that they can never have too many muslin cloths, swaddles, baby linens and towels. This Australian owned, award-winning brand has been around for over 25 years and are the leaders in nursery essentials. The range consists of everything you could possibly need for baby’s nursery, bathtime and sleeptime. Featuring contemporary baby bed linen, baby blankets, swaddles and wraps, baby bath towels, security blankets, comforters and so much more – you’re covered for all spill and style situations with this collection of gorgeous designs, colours and fabrics, which are lovingly created from natural and organic fibres.

Niki’s Natural Wipes from RRP $29.95 (248 wipes) 

Something you will go through in spades is baby wipes! They are great for everything from nappy changing time, to wiping off spilled milk or formula, cleaning bub’s skin and yours! Niki’s Natural Wipes are the best wipes out and the world’s only 100% natural baby wipes infused with organic Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey essence. These are the safe and effective alternative to generic baby wipes that contain harmful chemicals such as parabens and known irritants and allergens. They’re 98% organic, contain none of the nasties and harness the power of nature to help protect your child, naturally.


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