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Toyota recently announced the winners of the ‘Feeling the Street’ competition – a global initiative designed to unearth the world’s greatest unknown talent – which saw six of the best street performers join together for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, down under.

From the 7th – 16th October, the band, made up of a mix of traditional musicians and unique stand out entertainers, embarked on a road trip across New South Wales, using the opportunity as inspiration to collaborate, write and record their first-ever track, from the road.

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The whole experience culminated in a sunset cruise on Sydney Harbour with the band playing their amazing collaborative song “Limit Is The Sky”. Guests enjoyed the music and incredible views, and partied as drones and a film crew recorded the whole experience to create the music video for “Limit Is The Sky” which will drop soon!

Speaking about the Feeling the Streets competition as it caps off its second season, Tony Cramb, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Toyota said “we’re excited to once again offer some of the best, emerging talent the opportunity to showcase their passions and ability on the world stage. The Feeling the Street competition is a never-seen-before concept which brings together a diverse group of musicians through the common element of music. We’re looking forward to welcoming the band down under and following them on their journey”.

Chosen from a pool of 370 unique artists, across 29 countries, via two rounds of public voting (which attracted 14 million Facebook interactions across the globe), the band includes:

Robson Peres, Violinist, 32, Santos, Brazil

“I believe in taking my art to the street,” says Robson. “I am looking forward to playing my violin and showing that to people from around the world.”




Thomas Cheval, Pianist, 19, Ferrara, Italy

“Music is how I relate myself to the world and is a way to express feelings that might be hard to express otherwise.”






Héctor Matías, Bass player, 26, Brisbane, Australia (originally from Santiago, Chile)

“Born and raised in Santiago. I started busking in Auckland, New Zealand, while travelling, as a way to pay for travel expenses. I like everything – hip-hop, rock, 80s’ music and jazz fusion. My music is all about finding new sounds on the bass guitar and also lots of improvisation.”

Héctor can be found busking at the Westend Market in Brisbane.



Albert Peres, Drummer, 31, Barranquilla, Colombia

“The most important thing for me is to share my music, to share the rhythms of my country in Australia.”



Maneswita Jaiswal, Drummer, 19, Lucknow, India

“I have been very passionate about music since childhood. I like to learn new things. I started off playing music with a keyboard, shifted on to guitar and finally took up drumming to encourage female drummers in India and around the world,” she says.



Feeling The Street

Chelei Solo, Vocals (Guitar), India

“I have always had a keen interest in music. I was, and still am, fascinated by street and YouTube artists,” says Chelei. “I mostly listen to Alternative Rock and Electro-Pop. The Veronicas and The Pretty Reckless are what inspired me to passionately engage myself in music.”




To find out more about Feeling the Street or stay across the band’s movements throughout the trip, please visit: http://feelingthestreet.com/

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